Musica da Vino




I SOLISTI ITALIANI is a new chamber music ensemble consisting of 2 french horns, 2 clarinets ,2 bassons and 2 oboes.

They will play:

A Quintet by TEODULO MABELLINI. While very successful and popular at the time but now mostly forgotten this composer came from Pistoia and was a contemporary of Verdi and Brahms.

Two Octets by JOSEF MYSLIVECEK   (1734 - 1781)

  A  Czech  composer  who contributed to the formation of late eighteenth-century classicism. Mysliveček. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart considered him an intimate friend from the time of their first meetings in  Bologna  in 1770  

The players will be augmented by a flute for the charming

Petite Symphonie by CHARLES GOUNOD (1818 - 1893)

French composer Charles Gounod is perhaps best known for his opera Faust and his Ave Maria. He was a life-long Parisian, excepting a four-year stay in Rome after winning the prestigious Prix de Rome in 1839. He was a prolific composer of sacred vocal and choral works. He wrote the Petite Symphonie late in his career, in 1885,